Best alarm systems for home

best home security systemWhen choosing the best security system for your home, make sure that you have set expectations. You may be interested in securing your doors alone or windows from intrusion and burglary. But, you may also want to have an all-around security system that monitors the entire house against theft and other threats such as fire.

Finding the best one will depend on your needs. You may want one that can easily connect via a wireless connection with your other devices such as phones, tablets and computers. You may also want one with enough alert sound to arouse your neighbors’ curiosity. Other factors that may weigh in your purchase include affordability, ease of installation and monitoring contract costs or the monitoring company’s contract duration. Whatever the need, here are a few top rated home security systems from reliable online stores.


Simon XT Alarm System from GE

GE_Simon_XT_Wireless_Alarm_System_with_Interactive_Wireless_Service_via_Web_and_Smart_PhoneThe Simon XT from GE is the definition of online efficiency. Its wireless technologies and ability to connect seamlessly with your Smartphone ensures that you are up to date with the current situation of your home. You can easily interact via the web using their online interactive service.

The Simon XT is rated amongst the best alarm systems for home because it alerts the user immediately of any ongoing intrusions or attempts at intrusion. As long as your Smartphone or device is connected to an internet service, you will be updated on the security situation at home. It requires about 45 minutes to set it up and it is usually a do-it-yourself procedure. There is no need of hiring the company to set it up for you at a fee. However, it is a bit pricey as compared to the rest of gadgets on this list.


Fortress Security S02-B Wireless Security with Auto Dial and Outdoor Siren

Fortress_Security_Store_(TM)_S02-B_Wireless_Home_Security_Alarm_System_Kit_Highly recommended for home use, the S02-B wireless security system kit by Fortress Security has the capability of calling up to six different numbers as designated in case of a security breach. This flexibility allows several contacts to be aware of any unusual happenings around the home thus greatly enhancing the probability of a quick intervention.

Combining wireless technology with automatic dial options and additional outdoor siren, these features greatly enhance the effectiveness of the S02-B home alarm system because any burglary attempts are thwarted when the alarm is raised and an automatic call sent to a designated number. Other features that it a great purchase include the motion sensors that detect any movements that are suspicious, the door and window devices that send signals whenever there is an attempt to break into the hose through these entry points. The main unit is programmable.

Passive sensors for motion allow any movements to be monitored thus increasing the possibility for alert of any attempts at breaking into the home. An outdoor alarm that is loud at 140 dB enables the neighbors to know that there has been a burglary attempt hence alerting them to call the police. The doors and windows are also fitted with contacts that allow the device to sense any forceful attempts on the entry points. The user has to key in a pass code in order to disarm the alarm and enter the home.


Skylink SC-1000

Skylink_SC-1000_Complete_Wireless_Alarm_SystemA complete security system that is wireless and white in color, the Skylink SC-1000 comes in handy whenever you enter or leave the home. It comes with a programmable main unit that allows the user to enter nine emergency numbers in the event of a break-in.

Installation is easy and when set up, it can send a forty second personal message to your set emergency contacts of choice. False alarms are not frequent with the Skylink SC-1000 and the device comes with state of the art technology. Costing about $150, this is a mid-range product that can guard a small to mid-size home. This is an affordable option with features up to par with more expensive models. Some people use it for their small businesses, while others pair it with remote cameras making it even more effective.


Swann SW347-WA2

Swann_Wireless_Home_Alarm_SystemThe Swann SW347-WA2 is a wireless security system that comes with two remote controls and designed as a closed system. This means that the user has adequate privacy and protection without including a security company. The Swann SW347-WA2 is also very affordable as there are no monthly fees associated with the device services.

A small home is usually fully protected by the device components that include the PIR motion sensors and two doors and window motion sensors. It also come with two controls of a wireless nature for disarming or arming the alarm. This is an affordable option, costing well under $100. It doesn’t get any cheaper than this when it comes to home security.

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