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Home security is a top priority these days- for many people, you simply cannot be careful enough when it comes to safeguarding your loved ones and your property. However many conventional forms of security are vulnerable to attack; locks can be picked, keys can be duplicated and so on.

A more high tech solution to security issues may now be available, in the form of biometric fingerprint door locks. What are these devices? Simply put, they are highly advanced locking mechanisms which are controlled by a fingerprint scanner, eliminating the need for keys, codes, padlocks and other traditional security requirements. Your fingerprint is your key, and guarantees both piece of mind as well as easy access for the proper owner.

So what are the best products available? This piece will compare some of the most popular biometric fingerprint door locks that are currently on the market, in order to help you make an informed and wise decision.

Anviz L100 Biometric Door Lock

Anviz L100 Fingerprint Biometric Door LockThe Anviz is a simple, reliable, mid-priced biometric lock. It sports a sleek metallic design which will fit in perfectly with almost any style of door, and is also extremely well-made, capable of withstanding virtually any attempt to illicitly gain access. It also allows for up to 200 individual fingerprints to be saved into its system, meaning that there’ll be no problems with being able to grant access to as many people as you may need.

>> Anviz L100 Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock

In terms of installation, the Anviz makes the process quite painless- the system can be easily installed on most door frames, plus the handle can also be reversed. One concern which people may have about biometric locks such as the Anviz is what happens in the instance of a power cut- this is not an issue however, as the Anviz runs on 4 AA batteries, which last for up to a year.


iTouchless Bio-Matric Fingerprint Door Lock

iTouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door LockAnother mid-range item, the iTouchless is also a sturdy and effective proposition. It is capable of programming 150 individual fingerprints. Furthermore it comes with two backup keys for emergency access, and a sliding cover to protect the lock’s sensor when not in use.

>> iTouchless Bio-Matic Fingerprint Door Lock, in Silver

It is also water resistant, and comes with the option of using traditional numeric pass codes as well as fingerprint scanning. In terms of appearance, the iTouchless is somewhat clunkier than some other products, but in terms of performance it is a highly reliable and trustworthy piece of security technology.


Adel LS911 Entry Door Lock

Adel LS911 LS9 Entry Door Lock Biometric Fingerprint LockThe Adel is a more affordable option, however its lower price does not mean lower quality or reliability. It comes with multiple unlocking options- biometric, keypad and traditional key- and allows for up to 120 individual fingerprints to be programmed into it.

>> Adel LS911 LS9 Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Password Code Entry Door Lock

It can be installed for both left and right hand opening, and is completely battery-powered, requiring no outside wiring. Its black and yellow plastic finish may not be to everyone’s tastes but it is durable and effective, as well as highly visible, making for a more potent deterrent. Furthermore, it features a convenient ‘passage mode’, which allows for easier access during conferences and meetings. Overall, the Adel is a strong option that is well suited for a variety of entry-level users.


Samsung Exon SHS-5230

SAMSUNG EXON Fingerprint Digital Door Lock SHS-5230The Samsung is a higher market item, but its beautiful appearance and excellent functionality make it immediately obvious how the additional expense is being utilized. The Samsung runs on battery power, with an additional power supply for emergency use. It also allows users to combine fingerprint scanning and numeric codes for a far greater level of security.

>> SAMSUNG EXON SHS-5230 Fingerprint Digital Door Lock

Its fiberglass and reinforced plastic exterior is aesthetically pleasing but also lightweight and highly durable. Its touchscreen keypad is very user-friendly, and the lock also comes with emergency mechanical keys for back-up. Overall, this is a very well-made item from a trusted brand, and one that more than justifies its price tag.

The above information should give you a picture of the range and quality of biometric fingerprint door locks which are currently available. As they are relatively new technology however, it is highly advisable that you do your research to ensure you understand these items properly and are able to make the right decision, finding the perfect security system for your needs. You can never be too safe, but these state of the art locks will greatly increase your peace of mind.

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