Best blender for green smoothies

green smoothieAdequate consumption of green vegetables and fruits is very essential for a one’s long term health, but very few people will prefer the leafy vegetables no matter how much nutritional value they carry. The ultimate solution is converting the green produce into tasty smoothies, which are both nutritious and enjoyable. Kids and adults alike love smoothies. However, finding the right blender for green smoothies can be a little daunting, unless you take into consideration the following tips.

The preparation time is one of the most important considerations. While some blenders are designed to blend large pieces of fruits and green vegetables, there are some that will require you to chop the produce into fine pieces, which is more laborious. Quality of the end product is also very essential. No one needs a blender that will leave traces of green vegetables in their mouth, or in the straw as they drink the smoothie. A good blender, therefore, results in a fine end product.

Similarly, the ease of cleaning will determine how good the blender is. If it takes a lot of time to clean, you will not find it comfortable to use the blender from time to time. Durability wraps them all, because everyone desires a kitchen appliance with the longest shelf life. With this in mind, consider the following models if you’re in the market for the best blender for green smoothies.


Blendtec TB 621 Total Blender

Blendtec_Home_The_Professional's_Choice_Total_BlenderThis is no ordinary blender, because it is a perfect replacement for nine kitchen appliance. This Blendtec Blender takes over all the functions of a smoothie maker, grain mill, bread machine, juicer, milkshake maker, blender, ice crusher, coffee grinder and ice-cream maker.

Blendtec TB621 Home The Professional’s Choice Total Blender

With its digital touch-pad, you simply press one button, and the pre-programmed cycle will slow down or speed up as it draws your green produce into the stainless-steel blade. The two-prong blade rotates at a very high speed, which fully squeezes the green vegetables and fruits, such that the resulting smoothie is fine and perfect.

The blender features a large handle which makes it easy to move around, besides its secure-fitting top lid which encloses the contents and prevents them from spilling. It is one of the most durable blenders in the market, having a lifetime warranty on its blade and coupling, a one-year warranty covering the jar, and another three-year warranty covering the motor base.


Ninja BL660 with single serve cups

Ninja BL660 Professional Blender with single serve cupsThis is one of the cheapest blenders in the market, going for less than $150, but which doe not compromise quality. With its high-power motor, this Ninja Blender can manage both light and heavy duty smoothie blending, resulting in the highest quality smoothies.

Ninja BL660 Professional Blender with Single Serve

The blender has single serve cups, with blades settling at the bottom, which makes it possible to grind flax seeds. Unlike other blender models which require a high amount of seeds in order for them to be processed, the low-lying blades here make it possible to process any amount of flax seeds.

Within a minute or two, the blender is able to produce the finest smoothie, free of fruit and vegetable chunks, provided it is allowed enough time to run and process the green produce. The single serve cups add a touch of nutritional value, because any grains can be processed, to release the essential phytonutrients that normal and expensive blenders overlook.


Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5200 blenderAll the blending activities will take less than a minute with this type of a blender. No matter how much you love cooking, you will obviously need an appliance that saves time in the kitchen, and this is the ultimate solution.

Vitamix 5200s Blender, Black (with 7 year warranty)

In terms of durability, the base is made of a wear-resistant plastic on the exterior, which as well comes in multiple colors ranging from red, black, white, platinum, to brushed stainless steel. Whether you are blending light or dense and fibrous vegetables and fruits,it turns them all into perfectly blended smoothies.

Whole foods are turned into products of the highest nutritional value, especially due to the high-tech blades which unlocks the phytonutrients present in seeds, pulp, fiber and skins which could otherwise be underutilized if the produce was eaten whole.

The motor has a capacity checking system, which too increases the durability of this appliance. It has an automatic overload protection, which helps the motor to shut itself down if it is working beyond its safe operating levels. The blender is very easy to clean, and produces minimal noise during operation.

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