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Security is a constant and growing concern for people these days when considering their homes, businesses and other properties. Traditional security measures such as keys, door chains and peepholes are often now seen to be inadequate, with determined criminals now able to circumnavigate most older security systems.

One newer piece of technology that can help you to counter this a front door peephole camera, which allows you to remotely and discreetly view whoever is standing by your door. With cameras such as these, you can safely see who is there from anywhere in your residence without alerting them- you’ll never be surprised or caught off guard again.

So with this in mind, what is the best digital door viewer? This article will compare some the the current market leaders, helping you to better understand these products and to make the most informed decision regarding which is the best door peephole camera for you.

Brinno PHV132512 Digital Peephole Viewer

Brinno PHV132512 Digital Peephole ViewerA mid-priced item, the Brinno offers features that are typical of modern front door peephole cameras; an LCD panel for discreet viewing, low light enhancement, and a secondary zoom option. It is very easy to install and has a low energy consumption, running on just two AA batteries.

>> Brinno PHV132512 Digital Peephole Viewer

Its wide angle lens allows for you to see people of virtually any height while they are standing at your door, but without distorting their appearance. It may lack some of the extra features which other peephole cameras boast, but the Brinno delivers with robust specifications and reliable performance. Its compact nature and simple controls make it well suited for elderly users or those who are seeking additional security options for an apartment unit.

Video: Brinno Motion Activated PeepHole Camera Unboxing and Installation

3.5 Inch Wide Angle Peephole Digital Door Viewer

3.5 inch 170 degrees Wide Angle Peephole TFT LCD Digital Door Viewer Doorbell Security Camera CamThis door viewer  comes in at the lower end of the price range, but its impressive performance means it should not be underestimated. It features a color 3.5 inch LCD display with 320 x 240 resolution, an alarm function, monitoring ability, and cable connections for mounting on walls or tables.

>> 3.5 inch 170 degrees Wide Angle TFT LCD Digital Door Viewer with Doorbell and Security Camera

It also switches itself back off if nobody answers. It takes just a few minutes to install into most doors, and its controls are quite intuitive despite the additional features.

One more interesting feature is the ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, which allows you to disable to the chiming alarm, should you wish to be left in peace. Overall, this device offers enviable features and strong performance at a very competitive price.


AGPtek 300KP Digital Video Door Viewer

AGPtek 3.5inch 300KP LCD Digital Video Door Viewer Peephole Doorbell Security Camera CamAnother entry level front door peephole camera, the AGPtek has all the features you would expect from a quality door camera; a good-sized 3.5 inch display with good quality resolution, a wide angle lens with a large field of view, and simple to use controls.

>> AGPtek® 3.5″ 300KP LCD Digital Video Door Viewer Doorbell with Do not disturb Function

Installation is once again straightforward, and it gets a good rate of use out of its three AA battery power supply, lasting for up to 1500 views. The AGPtek is a very straightforward item which covers all the bases effectively. If you are looking for a good value, sturdy device, then this may be the best door peephole camera for you.


Buler 2.8 Inch LCD Peephole Door Viewer

Larger 2.8inch LCD Door Peephole Viewer Camera and MonitorThis is a more expensive item, but one that offers strong performance for its higher cost. Its low light sensor enables you to clearly see who is standing outside your door even in dimly-lit scenarios, and its wide angle lens allows you a good view of your entire doorway.

>> Buler 2.8″ LCD Door Viewer Camera and Monitor

Furthermore, it takes no more than 5 minutes to install, and its two AA battery power supply is good for up to 1000 views. It also features an adjustable shaft for the peephole camera, meaning that it can be fitted onto even the thickest of doors. The whole system is silent and discreet, allowing you to see who is at your door before deciding whether to make yourself known. All round, this is a quality product that delivers on all fronts.

Digital vs traditional Door Peephole viewers

Of the products listed above, only Brinno and Buler have an average looking peephole sticking out on your door. It’s a perfect ‘low tech’ disguise – your visitors won’t be able to tell that you have a digital viewer on the other side. Most houses these days have peepholes supposedly for home “security”, however there’s very real threat that comes with it.

With a reverse peephole viewer, anyone outside your door can actually see what’s inside your house. This device was originally used by law enforcement agencies to help assess potential threat before breaking in. However, this technology has become available and accessible to the masses so there’s a risk that unscrupulous people will use this for their own ends. Thankfully, there are portable peephole covers that you use use to safeguard your home and prevent people from looking inside your house.

Check out these portable peephole covers from Amazon!

Check out this video by on Reverse Peephole Security: Protecting Your Privacy with Peephole Covers

Peepholes may be simple and inexpensive but they have real security risks which you can easily countered with digital door viewers. If you have pricey gadgets and appliances inside the house which are potential targets for thieves, then you need to defend your home.

If you’re looking a wireless solution, one that can be synced in with your mobile phone, then take a look at these wireless doorbells with video function. If you live in a small apartment or flat, a digital door viewer may be adequate for needs. However, if you have a big house or at least one with a garden or several bedrooms, then a wifi-enabled video doorbell is more suitable for you.


You can never be too careful these days, and any one of these products will greatly bolster your home’s security and amount to a very strong deterrent to intruders, as well as a time-saving option for screening unwanted or unsolicited callers. A door viewer peephole can provide great peace of mind for a comparatively low cost, and one of the products listed above is likely to be the best door peephole camera for your needs.

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  1. Tina Poole says:

    Dear Sirs,
    do you have a peephole viewer that has SMS function?
    Best regards
    Tina Poole

    • Zoe says:

      Hi Tina,

      Can you please expound re: SMS function?

      I did a search and found that SMS functions are available for sale from China. However, I do not recommend them as you may encounter problems setting it up with your local phone carrier.

      If you want one that alerts you whenever someone is at the door, you may want to consider using a security camera system (like the Logitech Indoor Master or a wifi-enabled doorbell (you can read about it here for more info:


  2. Craig says:

    Hi, I’m looked high and low for the following, but can’t seem to find one. Can you help?

    Battery powered peep hole which connects wirelessly to iOS/ android via wifi, and then via 3G, basic features such as motion detection, recording people at the door, 2 way sound, reliability of a good brand, waterproof – obviously. Can’t find anything other than sky bell… But not wanting a bell. Yale do one, but it’s not got wireless capability. Thanks.

  3. Paranoid Nut says:

    Are there peephole cameras that actually record who ever is standing there? Either by manual operation or by motion detection? It would be useful to capture the image for evidence.

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