Best garment steamer reviews 2014

The days for standing with your shoulders hunched over an ironing board are long gone. If you’re tired of pressing your iron firmly into your clothes,a steamer is a great alternative. The days of dreaded iron burns are long overdue. Its increased popularity has been for all the right reasons; they’re efficient and require little effort on your part. With many options to choose from, getting the best garment steamer for home use can be tricky and challenging.

When choosing which model to buy, consider the following: the cost in terms of how much you’re willing to pay, the time it takes for it to heat up, its value in terms of money and how frequently you’ll be using it. Here are the best garment steamers in 2013 that you should consider:


Jiffy Steamer J-2000

Jiffy J-2000 Garment SteamerThe J2000 offers superior quality and is the best option for those in the business workplace and need to have their clothes steamed daily.

The Jiffy J-2000 is nothing short of amazing. With a 7.5 Foot hose, this machine provides high steam and high pressure, offers continuous flow and removes wrinkles faster than any handheld iron. More so, the steam pressure assures high-quality craftsmanship and is a great choice for disinfecting and removing odors from your clothes.

It heats up fast (in about 2-3 minutes), so you can turn it on, decide what to wear, get your clothes out, and it’ll be ready. With the metal hanger attached to it, you can hang your clothes on it while you do the steaming. Beats having to take out the ironing board!


Rowenta IS6200 Compact Full Size Steamer with foot-operated switch

Rowenta_IS6200_Compact_Valet_Full_Size_Garment_Steamer_with_Foot_Operated_On-Off_SwitchThe Rowenta IS6200 1500 watt garment steamer features a built-in hanger which has clips and hanger hook which hold your clothes in place making it more convenient to steam.

The removable transparent water tanks can hold 81-ounce of water and offer up to one hour of continuous steam. Its on and off foot switch with a light indicator makes it easy and safe to operate. Its large back wheels offers convenience in movement . To add onto comfort, it also features a soft touch, cool handle and fabric hose coupled with a large set of accessories.

It does a great job steaming, however users find it a little hard to use the built-in hanger as it does not rotate, and with the way it’s designed, it can be hard to get the clothing on and off the hanger. It’s best if you just use your own hanger while steaming.

With several attachments included (fabric brush, crease attachment and lint pad), it can handle even the most battered clothes and strengthens folded creases in uniforms.


Steamfast SF-407

Steamfast_SF-407_Fabric_SteamerRegarded as an upright garment steamer, the Steamfast SF-407 heats up pretty quickly offering about 30 minutes of continuous steam. An affordable and budget steamer, it is preferable to use for lightweight items such as sheer drapes and dresses.

With a quick and fast heating time, you can be assured of incredible experience while using this model. It is also user friendly, durable and high-quality for its price range.

Users love that the fact that this doesn’t drip, compared to other models. With a pole length 51.18 inches and a hose length of 4.3 ft. (51.6 inches), it is very flexible and easy to use.


Conair Extreme Garment Steamer

Conair_Extreme_Hand_Held_Fabric_Steamer_The handheld dual heat steamer is one of the best ones you can get today. The Conair Extreme features a revolutionary technology incorporating a professional steaming style, dual heat technology .

The dual heat technology enables a faster, hotter and better results and steaming experience. It has an array of settings to suit any fabric that you may have.

Over all, Conair Extreme is user friendly and has various attachments for an easy, quick and comfortable steaming experience. With 30-seconds heat up time and 15-minutes steam time coupled with a removable water tank and a nine feet power cord.


Joy Mangano My Little Steamer

Joy_Mangano_My_Little_SteamerThis is one of the best handheld steamers you can find in the market. With an affordable price value, you only need to steam items once in a while when using the handheld device.

My Little Steamer by Joy Mangano stands out  due to its effectiveness and ease of use. With a simple learning curve, you only need to basic knowledge to effectively use it. More so, due to its compact size, this device is easy to store, features a retractable cord and has an on and off switch.


Overall, there’s an array of the ┬ábest garment steamers in 2013. The choice of which clothes steamer to use depends your preference and the factors discussed herein. However, regardless of the choice you make among these bestsellers, you can be assured that they are high quality products for your convenience.

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