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Keeping yourself and your family is of paramount importance, but in our day to day lives around the home, we may be inadvertently exposing ourselves to harmful chemicals and other elements. One such danger that can occur around the household are combustible gas leaks. While common in many homes as a heating fuel, gas can still pose a huge danger in the instance of a leak, which could have deadly consequences.

But can you guarantee that you will realize that there is a gas leak in your home on your own accord? One way to safeguard your family and grant yourself greater peace of mind is to invest in a gas leak detector. This is essentially a device that searches for any combustible gases that are leaking in the area, and helps you to pinpoint the source of the leak. So how do you go about selecting a gas leak detector? This may be unfamiliar territory for many, so this article will compare some of the leading gas leak detecting devices that are currently available, enabling you to come to a sound decision regarding which is the best gas leak detector for your purposes.

UEi Test Instruments CD100A

UEi Test Instruments CD100A Combustible Gas Leak DetectorThe UEi is a professional grade gas leak detector which is also perfectly applicable for use in domestic and small business environments. It comes equipped with a flexible sensor hose that can allow you access to those difficult to reach spots in basements and attics, as well as a built in light in the tip of the hose to further aid with searching.

>> UEi Test Instruments CD100A Combustible Gas Leak Detector

To help you understand the intensity of a gas leak, the UEi comes with both audio and visual tic indicators so you can quickly ascertain the size of a leak. It is capable of sensing a host of combustible and toxic gases, including alcohol, ammonia, butane, methane, thinners, propane, natural gas and many others.

It is simple enough to be operated with one hand, but at the same time sensitive enough to detect even the slightest of leaks, even ones that you can’t even smell yourself. The UEi runs on a single 9 volt battery, which is included. The UEi is a durable and effective device, one that boasts a great deal of sensitivity and latitude in carrying out its task.

General Tools NGD7201 “Gas Dog”

General Tools NGD7201 Precision Gas Leak Detector - Gas DogAnother industry-quality gas leak detector, the Gas Dog comes in around the same price range as the UEi, and features similar technology and capabilities. It has an adjustable stainless steel probe with sensor attached that is capable of detecting even trace levels of combustible or potentially dangerous gases such as hydrogen, methane, propane and butane.

>> General Tools NGD7201 Gas Leak Detector, “Gas Dog”

It is reasonably compact and weighs less than two pounds, and is quite energy efficient, getting a good lifespan out of its 4 AA battery power supply. In terms of detection, it boasts LED and acoustic indicators, which allow users to guide themselves to the source of the leak in a more intuitive, sensory-based manner. It also comes with a highly durable molded plastic outer casing, which means it can stand up to any rough and tumble that it may encounter during use. The Gas Dog is sturdy and reliable, and is a prime contender for the title of best gas leak detector.

SafetySiren Family Safety

SafetySiren Family Safety Combustible Gas (Propane Methane) DetectorThe SafetySiren differs from the other gas leak detectors in a couple of ways- firstly, it falls into a lower price band than the other items, and should be classed as more of an entry level device, strictly for domestic use. Secondly, it is not a portable device like the others, but rather a fixed point unit which is plugged into a conventional power outlet.

>> SafetySiren Family Safety Combustible Gas (Propane Methane) Detector

This of course makes it unsuitable for any professional use, but it still performs effectively to its own specifications, and can be a useful safety device for the home as an early warning system for combustible gas leaks.

The SafetySiren is capable of detecting dangerous levels of methane and propane, and has a self-diagnosis system which will display if the unit is in proper working order. Overall the SafetySiren is more of an economy, stripped down option, but it nevertheless fulfills its functions well, and could prove to be a life-saving investment.

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