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Practice nets for golf are an essential part of the game off of the field. Even the best professional athletes don’t spend all of their time training on the golf course. Portable practice nets for golf allow anyone, anywhere to train. If you can find golf practice nets small enough, you can even practice inside your house! A quality golf net should return the ball after each swing. If you can maintain the same position, you can improve your shot before moving.

Top 3 Golf Practice Nets on the Market

There are a lot of quality golf practice nets on the market, but the following 3 reviews cover the top 3 brands available.

Net Return Pro Series Multi Sports Net

Net Return Pro Series Multi Sports NetFirst on the list is the Net Return Pro Series Multi Sports Net. As you might guess from the name, this is a net for various sports, including golf, soccer, and football. You can use this net to perfect your swing or your kick, whichever you feel you need to work on the most.

What sets this net apart from the rest? To begin with, they boast a secret patented design in their net that returns the ball you hit to the original position. This is a great idea, but the best part is that it actually works.

Everyone who has used this product has been extremely satisfied with the net and return process. This net is very easy to break down and carry with you anywhere. The small size allows you to set the net up inside your garage, bedroom, or outside. Definitely one of the best practice nets available on the market.


Swing Box Indoor/Outdoor Golf Practice Net

Swing Box Indoor Outdoor Golf Practice Net

Loved most for its small size, this is a net that is easy to put together and take down very quickly within any environment. Again, this is a net that uses their own patented technique for returning the ball to the athlete.

The Swing Box Indoor/Outdoor Golf Practice Net is definitely for golf and shouldn’t really be used for other sports, such as soccer and baseball. There are better nets on the market for multi-sport use. The small size requires that it is only set 9 inches from an existing wall.

You can set this up inside any 8×10 room and still enjoy the Swing Box training. A lot of big athletes own one of these and it’s no secret why. A really interesting component of this practice net is the audio feedback that it offers. Where you hit the ball and how hard it impacts the Swing Box will effect the audio feedback. This lets you know exactly how well you are striking the ball, even if your eyes are closed.


RUKK NET Pop-Up Golf Practice Net

RUKK NET Pop-Up Golf Practice NetWidely accepted as the best golf practice net ever created, Golf Digest has given the RUKK NET a five star rating from the 2013 PGA tour show.

The RUKK NET Pop-Up Golf Practice Net stands out because it is the only golf net that has two separate nets and is still portable. These aren’t side-by-side nets, but instead, one behind the other. This saves the ball should the first net ever rip.

This is the only portable golf net to use this feature and it is extremely helpful. Even with the best brands, a rip can happen from time to time. With RUKK NET, you don’t have to worry about your ball shooting off into the distance and breaking something valuable. After each shot, your ball will roll right back to you and you won’t need to move an inch. A very professional, heavy-duty net for real players.

With any one of these 3 practice nets, your golf game is guaranteed to improve over time. Don’t embarrass yourself on the course when you can embarrass yourself in your own home while getting better.

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