Best meat grinder for home use

Anyone with an interest in home cooking or with a family to feed will know that ground meat is an integral part of many popular recipes. Pre-ground and packaged meat can be found at virtually any grocery store or supermarket, but how can you be sure that you’re getting exactly what you paid for?

The easiest way to ensure that you’re using high quality ground meat, free from all additives and preservatives, is to invest in a home meat grinder. Not only will you benefit from increased peace of mind, but you will also be able to have a far greater level of control over the range of ground meats versus what may be typically available from retailers, plus it will be possible to control the quantity of ground meat with a high degree of precision. So what is the best meat grinder for home use? This comparison review will give you an overview of the current market leaders.

Weston Pro Series 22

Weston Pro Series 22 commercial grinderThis is a premium-level product capable of grinding large quantities of meat to a professional standard. With this in mind, it has a suitably high price tag, however there is no doubt that its performance and specifications more than justifies its cost.

Weston 08-2201-W #22 Commercial Meat Grinder, 1 HP

This stainless steel model is electric-powered and able to grind its way though between 9 and 12 pounds of meat per minute with minimum effort and noise. It is easy to disassemble for cleaning, has a forward/backward operating motor to prevent clogging, and comes with a wide range of extra features, such as interchangeable blades for different levels of grinding, a home sausage-making kit and highly-stable non-slip rubber feet. A top of the line product, and an absolute requirement for anyone intending to grind a lot of meat.


Waring Pro MG855

Waring Pro MG855 professional die cast meat grinderA more affordable product, but one that is still capable of high-quality results, the Waring Pro features a lightweight aluminum body and a sturdy 450 watt motor which can effectively grind meat in a brisk and straightforward manner- it may not be professional grade, but its output is more than adequate for most families.

Waring Pro MG855 Die-Cast Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

One drawback to this particular model is that its aluminum body means it is unsuitable for dishwasher use and must be cleaned manually, however this is a relatively minor issue with what is otherwise a effective and reliable machine.

Overall, the Waring Pro is a strong all-round option and well suited to those looking to purchase a mid-range electric meat grinder for home use.


Norpro Meat Grinder

Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer, and Pasta MakerUnlike the other products featured here today, the Norpro is a more traditional hand lever-operated meat grinder.¬†Naturally with this in mind it involves a greater degree of effort from the user, but if you don’t mind a little manual labour, this is a very effective budget meat grinder.

Norpro Meat Grinder, Mincer, and Pasta Maker

Its plastic body both lightweight and compact, as well as being completely dishwasher safe. Furthermore, it also functions as a pasta maker, with separate attachments allowing it to make spaghetti, rigatoni or linguine with ease. This entry-level product may be low-tech but it certainly isn’t low quality.


Kitchenaid Meat Grinder Attachment

kitchenaid food grinder attachmentThe most affordable electric grinder option that we will be examining today, the Kitchenaid is not actually a separate meat grinder like the other products reviewed so far, but rather an attachment which can be connected to an existing Kitchenaid food mixer unit.

KitchenAid FGA Grinder Attachment for Stand Mixers

While it may not have the high specs of the other products, its performance far outweighs its cost, as it can effectively grind meat and other foods with relative ease. Its also easy to clean and maintain, and can grind meat to a coarse or fine texture depending on your preference. The kitchenaid attachment is an effective tool considering the price range it resides in, and is well-suited to those who envision less frequent or intensive use, or who want to give home grinding a trial run before upgrading.


If you’re interested in trying out a home meat grinder, there’s a whole range of products available to you. This guide shows how there are high quality products available to suit every lifestyle and budget, meaning that just about anyone can enjoy the benefits of grinding their own meat straight away. Be sure to consider your own needs and expectations before deciding on a product, to help ensure that you select the best meat grinder for home use in your own situation. Bon Appetit!

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