Best surround sound receiver

If you love your home theater system yet you want to get more enjoyment out of it, there is no doubt that you want to include surround sound. Regardless of whether you already have it in your home theater or if you are adding a new system, it is best to choose from among the best surround sound receiver options that are available. Here are some of the top receivers and what you can expect when you have them in your system.


Denon AVR-E200

Denon AVR-E200 5.1 Channel 3D Pass Through Home Theater ReceiverSomething that is of concern to most people who are shopping for surround sound receivers is their complexity. It certainly is true that they can be difficult to set up but when you choose the Denon AVR-E200, you are getting a simplified version of a very nice product. This is seen in the design of the product and the fact that it has a setup assistant which can help to guide you through the entire process. In addition, the speaker jacks are push in, making it easier for you to connect your wires.

The E200 is the least expensive of the AVR-E series but it is certainly not lacking an option. It contains 4 HDMI inputs and 5.1 channels, which is great for most home users. Considering the fact that it is much more affordable, it is really something that you should consider.

You can network these receivers using an Ethernet port which is included, making it simple for you to use streaming services, including Sirius XM and Pandora. Unfortunately, there is no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth capabilities included, so you will not be able to connect with it directly from your smartphone or tablet.


Yamaha RX-V375

Yamaha RX-V375 5.1 Channel 3D Home Theater ReceiverThis is a highly functional, sleek and very user-friendly 5.1 channel receiver for home surround sound use. The sound that is able to be produced using this receiver is fantastic, regardless of whether you are going to be playing games, watching your favorite TV shows or enjoying your favorite movie. There are 4 HDMI inputs that are available, which make it perfect for you to connect all of your high-def sources, such as your TV and your Blu-ray player.

If you enjoy listening to music, you will also appreciate what the Yamaha RX-V375 is able to do for you. Using a USB port that is located on the front panel, you can plug-in your iPhone, iPad or iPod and begin listening to streaming music through this surround sound receiver. In addition, there is a mini-jack included on the front so that you can connect any portable player that you own.

It is relatively easy to set up, and it even has a microphone included so that it can “listen” to the sound that is being broadcast and adjust it to optimize your listening experience.


Onkyo TX-8255

Onkyo TX-8255 Stereo ReceiverNot everyone that enjoys a great surround sound experience wants to have all of the upgraded options that are available in many of the newer models. When you want something that is going to be right for the out-of-the-way area, such as the bedroom or your den, you will appreciate what this surround sound receiver brings to the table. It is built solidly with everything that is necessary to enjoy listening to music or watching your favorite movie.

Inside of this powerhouse of a receiver are some electronic options that run behind the scenes which you will appreciate. For example, the transformer is shielded and even though it provides maximum output to your speakers, the hum that is often a problem with lower quality amplifiers will be minimized. It is also built solidly so that vibration is not going to be a problem as well. It is a very versatile unit and although it may not have all of the bells and whistles included, it can certainly get the job done.


Sony STRDH520

Sony STRDH520 7.1 Channel 3D AV ReceiverWhen you look at the features that are available on this surround sound receiver, you can see why it is such a popular choice. Included among the features are 7.1 channels, 3-D video pass-through, 4 HDMI inputs, 2 component inputs and a very affordable price.

You’ll be happy when using the Sony STRDH520 for watching movies, game play or for watching your favorite television programs. It is limited to a certain extent, however, which you should keep in mind if you want a device where you can simply plug in your iPhone or iPad and begin listening to music. All in all, however, it’s perfect for somebody that wants a surround sound system that performs very well.

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