Best vacuum cleaner for pet hair

best vacuum for pet hairIf you have a pet, you know what a struggle it is to keep up with all that pet hair removal. Clearly, it takes the help of a good vacuum to get rid of that shed fur and pet dander. Short of getting rid of a beloved pet, what can you do to combat this problem?

It takes strong suction to pull up pet hair, which can settle deep into the pile of your carpet. Long dog hair has a clingy quality that is difficult to vacuum up. The new cyclone breed of vacuum is the most likely candidate for the job, but you want one with really strong suction – twelve amps at least.

Long-haired dogs and cats present the greatest challenge in the war on pet hair. But even birds can shed a lot of dander … and dander = allergies. So if you keep a parrot or other domestic bird, expect dander to be an issue, as well those tiny, fluffy molted feathers shed when the bird flaps its wings (its way of ridding itself of loose feathers and such).

If a vacuum brand advertises that it is specially designed to get up pet hair, that means it has been specially modified for that purpose, as have its tools and accessories. These attachments, as well as the hose of the vacuum, are built wider to accommodate pet hair that tends to clog the average vacuum hose. Take a look at the filtration system as well; it too has to be designed with pet hair and dander in mind. This is especially true if there are allergy issues in home. Let’s take a look at some candidates that promise effective hair removal skills.


Hoover Wind Tunnel T-Series Pet Rewind

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind PlusThis compact, but powerful machine is a popular model. It is a bagless upright vacuum that offers many extra accessories, including an upholstery brush and a crevice tool. It has a fold-down handle for easy storage and is designed with a 27-foot power lead for easy access to those hard to reach places. It was designed with pet hair removal in mind.

If you’re worried that the brush roller might get easily clogged with all the hair it collects, that is not the case with this Hoover model. Pet owners are extremely pleased with its durability as they’ve noted other brands tend to break down easily with all the hair shedding.

You can use this on both hardwood and carpeted floors.


Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum

Shark Navigator Lift-Away VacuumWe are used to powerful vacuums being heavy. (Remember those old Kirby uprights? Wow!) Well, the Shark Navigator is just the opposite – feather-light. But it does have POWER.

Other attractive features are its swivel handle and detachable canister so you can lift it off like a hand-held to make vacuuming stairways and such much easier.

It is bagless. That in itself is enough to sell me! It means it’s easy to manage and even easier to empty, with the flip of a switch. And it never loses suction! Customer reviews give it props for its strong suction, light weight, and maneuverability; and everyone loves the detachable canister feature.


Bissell Poweredge

Bissell Poweredge pet vacuumThe Poweredge has a unique V shape that can get it into tight, hard to reach spots and work easily around obstacles. This makes it functional and easy to maneuver. What’s more, it is designed to pick up pet hair easily from floors and carpets, to upholstery. It too is very light and easy to maneuver and got a high customer rating.

Its unique design provides a larger suction path making it great at picking up pet hair. This innovative construction also allows for a much stronger suction which not only picks up hair but litter as well. So if you have cats and dogs at home, this is a great option to choose. It’s quite affordable too, just priced under $50.


Dyson DC41 Animal

Dyson_DC41_AnimalDyson is a very popular choice in new vacuum purchases. It has established itself as a major player in this market. It features a unique Radial Root Cyclone system which is designed to maximize its ability to pick up large amounts of dirt (or pet hair) with no clogging or loss of suction. It too is a bagless upright and offers the needed The 12-amp power capacity. It can be adjusted to any floor type and has the ability to pivot around obstacles, making it easily maneuverable.

The DC41 Animal comes with a special pet hair attachment designed to be attached to its long-reach wand, which can reach into hard-to-reach spaces and works well on upholstery as well. Those in the household with allergies will appreciate that it’s approved by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America because it has a washable filter that eliminates microscopic allergens while you vacuum.

So there you have it – All good choices for vacuuming up pet hair. Now it’s up to you to decide which works best in your circumstances.

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