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Detection devices work by preventing losses that come from slow leaks and water damages. These units may range in cost and features, and you can find a simple one at about $50 while a more advanced device costs at least $1,400 per unit. There are also active and passive detection systems, which differ in terms of their functions. With a passive water leak detector, you can expect it to deliver a leak alert to an affected area. On the other hand, an active system sends an alarm to the central monitoring station while stopping the flow of water as it activates the shutoff valve included in the unit. But for home monitoring, a passive system will suffice.

The following are among the highly recommended water leak detection devices available in the market including the best features of each.

Top 5 of the Best Water Leak Detector

1. Zircon Leak Alert Electronic Water Detector

Zircon 63931 Leak Alert Electronic Water DetectorWith this unit, you can prevent massive water damages in any commercial or residential area. It is a self-contained unit that runs on battery, and it will sound an alarm when the device gets wet. Hence, you will be immediately alerted when a leak has occurred.

>> Zircon 63931 Leak Alert Electronic Water Detector with batteries included

This device may be placed anywhere where leaks can possibly exist such as near the water heater, under the fish tank, in the basement, under the sink, near dishwashers and plumbing.

Leak alert sounds off an alarm of up to 95 decibels for a maximum of 72 hours or until the battery is already depleted. It also comes with a low battery indicator that ensures maximum performance and safety in using this device. Lastly, there is no wiring necessary in installing the unit because it is fully-automatic and easy to use.


2. La Crosse Alerts D112.104.E1.WGB

La Crosse Alerts D112.104.E1.WGB Wireless Monitor System Set with Water Leak ProbeFor the tech-savvy and those who wants to make use of mobile technology, the La Crosse wireless leak monitor system allows you to keep an eye of the temperature, humidity and alerts you to any leaks straight to your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

>> La Crosse Alerts D112.104.E1.WGB Wireless Monitor System, with water leak probe

The only thing is that it requires an existing home network which the device can access to use it to send you data. This wireless monitor set-up is perfect for monitoring the basement, garage, and vacation homes. Its wireless signal signal can transmit data up to 200 ft. range.

You can opt to receive email and text alerts should any pre-customized criteria are met (e.g., if the humidity rises or the temperature drops to a certain level, or if water is detected).

The device itself is powered by two AAA batteries.


3. Leak Sensor by INSTEON

INSTEON 2852-222 Water Leak SensorThis product alerts you when there is a leak, so you can prevent massive water damages to your property. All you need to do is to add the number of sensors you prefer to the INSTEON hub, so you can receive instant alerts via email or text message to your phone. You may also add cameras to the hub for remote monitoring when you are not home.

>> INSTEON 2852-222 Leak Sensor

The leak sensor can be placed securely on the floor, and there is no need for wires, tapes or screws. Immediately, you can receive notifications when there are leaks via email or text, as long as you use this product with a compatible software. Simple tap the link to lights, so you can be visually alerted, and make it a point to check the heartbeat signal that lets you know if the sensor is functioning properly. What’s more, a battery is included in the package, and it has a lifespan of over 10 years.


4. LeakFrog

Leak Frog LF001 Water AlarmMold and water can lead to serious damages to your home, so you should use the best device that can alert you when there are leaks. All you need is to place the LeakFrog in places where leaks or overflow of water are possible.

>> Leak Frog LF001 Water Alarm

This unit can send an alarm to let you know if there is a leak, and the sound will continue to sound for a number of hours until you do something about the problem. You can use this product on various surfaces such as concrete, metal, tile, and wood. Moreover, you can count on it to detect leaks from water sources in the tub, sink, hot tubs, washing machines, dishwashers, A/C drip pans , and toilets.

With the help of this remarkable water detection system, you can avoid extensive property damages. This also spares you from the expensive cost for insurance claims for water damages, which may go as high as $5,000 in some cases.


5. Smarthome MT400

Smarthome MT400 Water Leak Detection AlarmWater leaks may exist in various areas such as the kitchen, bathroom and even the basement. When there is undetected leaks, you may end up worrying about thousands of dollars in water damage. Hence, it makes perfect sense to use the right product that can stop prevent water damage.

>> Smarthome MT400 Leak Detection Alarm

The Smarthome alarm gives off a loud sound when it senses excess water. With its small size, you can quickly place it in tight spaces such as beside the water heater, behind the toilet, or any locations where leak can collect in your home. It uses a 9-volt battery, which is included in the package.

These are only some of the finest water leak detection units that you can use for your home or commercial space. Choose the best detection system that fits your needs and save thousands of dollars by preventing leaks in your property.

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Water Leak Detectors: Not JUST for HOME

Leak detection units notify you when there is a leak in various locations such as commercial buildings, residential areas, and even in highly sensitive places such as computer rooms and laboratories.

One of the commercial applications of these units is within the sub flooring of laboratories or computer rooms where there is a multitude of signal cables and power. Once these cables become wet, this could lead to serious interruptions in your computer systems, which may lead to loss of operations. Thus, it makes sense to use the best water leak detector product that offers reliable results to prevent wastage of resources and ensure the safety of your properties.

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