Best wheatgrass juicer

best wheatgrass juicerFinding the right wheatgrass juicer can be a chore. It’s easy to get lost in the dizzying array of options: masticating or centrifugal, hand or electric, size and weight are all choices you have to make as a consumer. Luckily, there are a few rules that you can follow to quickly narrow down your options and find the best juicer for you.

Masticating juicers juice slowly at low speeds in order to reduce the amount of heat and air that gets mixed in with your juice. Because many of the enzymes and nutrients present in wheatgrass and fruit juices are sensitive to both oxygen and temperature, this is ideal if you’re juicing for health benefits. Centrifugal juicers juice much faster, but they tend to be louder and they introduce more heat and oxygen during the juicing process. If you’re juicing large volumes or very often, a centrifugal juicer can be a good investment but for most users, a masticating juicer will be more than fast enough and will preserve the unique health benefits of wheat grass to ensure you’re getting the most out of each juicing.


Chef’s Star® Manual Hand Crank Juicer

Chef's_Star®_Manual_Hand_Crank_Juicer_-_Single_Auger_Juice_Press_with_Suction_BaseIf you’re looking to get started in juicing, the Chef’s Star Manual Hand Crank Juicer is a simple, inexpensive way to get a feel for things. While this juicer isn’t as fast or powerful as a several hundred dollar centrifugal machine, it’s portable, reliable and easy to juice wheatgrass, fruits, vegetables and other produce by hand. Juicing is done by dropping prepared greens into the chute on top, pressing a plunger and then turning a crank on the side. The juicer comes with a suction cup to help stabilize it while you juice.

The Chef’s Star manual juicer is perfect for taking your wheat-grass juicing on the go. Because it’s light and portable and doesn’t require electricity, it can go on camping trips, to the office or to the gym. It’s perfect for small batches of juicing at home or when you’re worried about noise. Because it’s a manual juicer, the Chef’s Star gives you a great deal of control over the juicing speed. Jams are easy to avoid and even easier to fix — you just crank backwards.


Samson 6 in 1 Electric Wheatgrass Juicer

Samson 6 in 1 Electric Wheatgrass JuicerIf you do too much juicing for a manual machine or you just want the convenience of electricity, the Samson 6 in 1 Electric Juicer is a perfect fit. Recommended by commercial shops, the Samson is reliable, efficient and easy to clean. It’s specially designed to process wheat-grass in the most effective, nutritious way possible by slowly juicing to reduce heat and oxygen exposure, both of which can damage its nutritional properties.

The Samson comes apart easily. All of the parts except the screen are dishwasher safe and clean easily with a quick rinse in some hot water. While it’s been designed with wheat grass specifically in mind, the Samson can also juice other fruits, vegetables and leafy greens. Additionally, it can double as a mincer for chopping seasonings, seasoning meat or as a food mill.


Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Omega_J8006_Nutrition_Center_Juicer_An alternative to the Samson, the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer offers a similar set of features at a similar price. With a 4.5 star rating after 800 reviews on Amazon, the Omega is a dual stage, low speed juicer that preserves the nutrients of your food as it juices. It’s quieter than a centrifugal juicer and easy to clean.

Like the Samson, you can easily disassemble it and rinse out the auger with some warm water. The Omega has a switch in the back that allows you to reverse the power, making fixing jams easier than ever. Also like the Samson, it can be used to juice a variety of produce as well as make nut butter, pasta and mince seasonings.


Which one to get?

If you want a quick, cheap and easy way to juice your wheat-grass, look no further than the Chef’s Star Manual Hand Crank Juicer. If you make large batches, don’t need portability and want to take advantage of the other features electric masticating juicers offer, look at the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer or the Samson 6 in 1 Electric Juicer. Both machines give you all of the power and convenience of a commercial machine while preserving the health benefits of wheat grass.

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