Best wireless rear speakers for 2015

Most of the so called wireless surround sound systems in the market are not 100% wireless. Usually, the wireless aspect only applies to the sound bar and the two rear subwoofers. However, that can present a problem to some. For example, you might not like dragging the wiring across the room or there is some concrete wall that prevents you from hard wiring your speakers. Whatever the reason, with a wireless rear speakers in place, you can enjoy crystal clear sounds without the fuss of pulling wires.


Best wireless rear speaker review

best wireless speakers review for 2015 2The best way for you to set your rear speakers to be wireless is actually through a kit. This Amphony Universal Wireless Rear Speaker Kit is the best choice since it works across all systems and allows you to create your own wireless network that send and receives sound signals in the 5.8 ghz band.

There are 2 components of the kit: the sending unit and the receiving unit. Setting up them is easy (see guide below). Once the set has been done, the two units will always be linked such that it will save you the trouble of needing to relink everything you set the device to sleep.

Best of all, there is a volume control at the receiving unit so that you can control how loud or soft you want your rear speakers to project.

In terms of sound quality, you can expect at least a CD level quality. It might not be what high end audiophile might want but it is good enough for the rest of us.  With regards to its competitor Rocketfish, reviewers are saying the sounds produced by Amphony is much more crisp.


How to set up wireless rear speakers

Before setting up the wireless rear speakers kit, here are some pre-conditions that your home needs to meet for a better sound experience.

  • Ensure that there is a pocket socket for your rear speakers near the wall which they are going to be located. If not, you will still be pulling power cables across the room
  • There is no other competing wireless device in your home that uses the 5.8 ghz band, which can interfere with the sound signal and causes some pauses or lags in the music. Frankly, most wireless devices uses the 2.4 ghz band so this shouldn’t be a big issue but please check your own wireless devices before making the purchase.

Once you get these 2 conditions satisfied, it is time to set your your wireless rear speakers.

To be honest, it is relatively easy to do so. Here are the steps:

  1. First, set up the sending unit by attaching it to the connections of the left/right speakers receivers
  2. Attach the receiving unit to the rear speakers through speaker wires
  3. Both units will then be linked up automatically
  4. If there is no sound coming up, check your connections and make sure the sending unit is attached at the right connections with your surround speaker system



The Amphony Universal Wireless Rear Speaker Kit is a no frills products that simply works. If you want a wireless rear speaker system, this is the brand to get.

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