Best wireless router for home use 2014

These days, most households will have numerous wifi-enabled devices present at any given time. Wireless internet connection has become central to many people’s lives, so they like to be confident that they can connect multiple devices to the internet from their own homes easily and effectively. In order to ensure that your internet connection can reach every part of your home, you may deem it prudent to invest in a wireless router.

What is a wireless router?

best wireless router for homeEssentially it is a device that takes your incoming wifi signal and boosts the signal, enabling multiple computers, smartphones and tablets to enjoy faster, better quality internet access anywhere in your home.

With a wireless router, you can eliminate the problem of wifi drop-off, when your wifi signal worsens the further away you are in your home from the modem. If this sounds like something you and your family could benefit from, then there are numerous products to choose from. This guide will compare some of the leading products currently available, in order to find the best wireless router for home use.

So what should you be looking for in a wireless router?

First, ascertain what kind of a wireless user you are- are you an online game? Interested in multimedia and streaming? Or running a home business? Higher end routers are only really necessary if you are a heavy internet user, but you may deem the greater level of performance and wider range of features a wise investment regardless- a more powerful machine can guarantee you the networking power that you need should your requirements increase in the future.

One aspect that you should keep an eye out for is that the router has the highest level of security available: WPA2. This will help safeguard your wireless network from hacking and other interference. Further features to keep an eye out for include wifi printer connectivity, parental controls and support services. With all this in mind, let’s check out some of the most popular wireless routers available right now:


Linkseys Wireless Router (Model E900)

Linksys_E900_Wireless-N300_Router_(E900)This lower-priced router may lack the features and power of more expensive models, but for apartments or modestly-sized homes it can provide respectable wireless networking capabilities.

Linksys E900 Wireless-N300 Router

This level of machine can handle moderate wifi demands such as browsing and emails capably, but if you think you’ll require something with more power or a greater range, then you will likely need to consider more advanced routers than this entry-level model.


Netgear AC 1750 Router

NETGEAR_Wireless_Router_AC_1750_Dual_Band_GigabitThis is a more expensive yet undeniably more powerful router, capable of maintaining signal strength over greater distances, powerful enough for using high definition streaming services such as Netflix, or for online gaming.

NETGEAR Wireless Router – AC 1750 Dual Band Gigabit

It also comes with an impressive array of extra features, including the ability to wirelessly connect to USB hard drives and printers, plus special guest network access, parental controls and WPA2 web security. Its high price may be a deterrent to some, but for that cost you are guaranteed to get a top-of-the-range router with excellent performance and a raft of additional features.


ASUS N600 Wireless Router

ASUS_Dual-Band_Wireless-N_600_RouterA slim and very stylish router, the ASUS is a more moderately-priced option, but still lays claim to some impressive specs; it can download a full HD movie file within five minutes, can easily handle HD online gaming, and has more than enough range for most family homes.

ASUS Dual-Band Wireless-N 600 Router

As well as this, it features USB sharing, wireless printer connections, and several different types of user accounts with varying degrees of access. Installation is very easy, and virtually any wifi-enabled device, including smartphones and tablets, are able to connect without issues. All-in-all, the ASUS amounts to an impressive mid-range router option.


Medialink Wireless Router

Medialink_Wireless_N_Broadband_Router_with__Internal_AntennaThis router boasts a sleek, futuristic design, with an internal antenna and a wall-mountable option.

Medialink – Wireless N Broadband Router – 300 Mbps – 2.4GHz – 802.11n w/ Internal Antenna

Its lower price may be attributed to its less-familiar manufacturer name, as its performance outpaces most other budget models, as it is perfectly capable of high download speeds and HD streaming.

It also features WPA2 security and an intuitive installation CD wizard. One drawback that perhaps contributes to its lower price is its lack of additional features, but if you want a simple router with the potential for strong performance, then there are certainly worse options out there.

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