Campbell hausfeld power washer troubleshooting

One of the recommended brands in my best electric pressure washer reviews is the Campbell hausfeld pw1350. Although it is a great machine capable of washing out our patio and drive way, it is not perfect and will need for troubleshooting when it comes to certain issues. Here is a list of the common problems the Campbell hausfeld pw1350 will encounter and my solution of how to troubleshoot them.

Does it comes with a turbo lance?

A common misunderstanding among buyers is that there is a turbo lance that comes with the purchase of the Campbell hausfeld pw1350. This is completely untrue! There is no turbo lance although the 1900 psi pressure makes it rather unnecessary. If you really need one, here is the part number for your easy reference: PW0845000AV. The cost of this part is $27 so it is not a big deal if it is not included.

(Editor’s note: if you don’t what is a turbo nozzle for a pressure washer, it is actually a nozzle that can increase the speed of your cleaning via a circular spraying pattern)


Campbell hausfeld pw1350 died!

There was a defect in one of the production batches, resulting in the Campbell hausfeld electric pressure washer dying after 1 or 2 uses. Have no worries though as you can easily replaced them. If you want them through Amazon, it will do the replacement for you without any problem. If you buy it directly from the manufacturer, just give the customer support a ring and they will be helpful in directing you to the new unit.

Hose leaked

Easy problem to troubleshoot. The hose unit can be easily detached such that you can swap out a new replacement. If you don’t know how, follow the instruction manual as it is written clearly in there. Don’t ever replace the whole unit just because the hose is leaking!


Can’t clean concrete floors

To be honest, the Campbell hausfeld pw1350 is meant for home use and not really for commercial cleaning such as washing the concrete floor. If you really want to do that, you need either replace the nozzle with the turbo version and turn the existing one onto its narrowest option. The downside is of course the small stream, which means you need a long time for the cleaning to be completed. Not recommended for cleaning concrete flooring, period.


Where to buy Campbell hausfeld replacement parts

Some of the replacement parts number cannot be found online, even on Amazon with its product number. I found the best way is to call their customer service. Most of the time, they have the replacement parts that you need for your Campbell hausfeld pw1350. If not, they will at least direct you to a store where you can buy them. Don’t bother searching online. Some of them just can’t be found and you will end cursing the swearing after a few hours of searching.



The Campbell hausfeld pw1350 is really a electric pressure washer for home use. It can clean most of the stuff in and around the house and don’t compare it to commercial grade high end pressure washers. It ain’t the same.



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