Bose 520 vs 525

For Bose sound system fans, it can be hard to pick the one model, especially if it is between Bose 520 vs 525. Both are nice systems although they are considered over priced by most of the surround sound enthusiast. Personally, I think they are high quality systems that are […] Read more »

Who makes the best surround sound bar

Surround sound bar is making a comeback as manufacturers are promoting it to be the equivalent of a wireless 5.1 surround sound system. Sony for example, has been rather aggressive in marketing its latest range of surround sound bar equipment and saying they are the perfect replacement for the traditional […] Read more »

Best wireless rear speakers for 2015

Most of the so called wireless surround sound systems in the market are not 100% wireless. Usually, the wireless aspect only applies to the sound bar and the two rear subwoofers. However, that can present a problem to some. For example, you might not like dragging the wiring across the […] Read more »

Best wireless surround sound system reviews 2016 and 2017

Immersive surround sound minus the messy wires? Yes, it now possible! 😉 Installing a wireless surround sound system is a surefire way of having phenomenal quality audio when watching movies, television shows, or listening to music. It avoids the need to run unsightly, long speaker wires all around the room. Many […] Read more »

Best surround sound receiver

If you love your home theater system yet you want to get more enjoyment out of it, there is no doubt that you want to include surround sound. Regardless of whether you already have it in your home theater or if you are adding a new system, it is best […] Read more »

Best HD 1080p projector

Full HD projectors are ideal for setting up a home theater system. Basically, all 1080p video projector models will offer an excellent image quality, thanks to the full HD resolution. Nonetheless, there are differences between various brands and models, which can make a particular projector more suitable than others for […] Read more »