What’s the Difference Between Masticating Juicers And Centrifugal Juicers?

juicer differenceOver the past few years, juicing has become a popular means of losing weight and increasing one’s overall well-being. By drinking either fruit or vegetable juice you will be able to increase your nutrient intake and combat a variety of health conditions.

For those who have not engaged in juicing before, buying a juicer can be a rather daunting and overwhelming task. There are various brands and models of electric juicers available on the market and finding the one best for your needs may be challenging. In the end, after doing a vast search, you will notice that there are two basic styles of juicers from which to choose: the masticating juice extractor and the centrifugal juice extractor. This article will describe each of these devices.

1. The masticating juice extractor

slow juicerThe masticating juice extractor is the more expensive and superior of the two options making it more popular among juice purists and those aiming to create more nutritious juices. While more high quality than the centrifugal juicer, this type of machinery runs at a much slower speed; however, this is far more beneficial as it produces less heat and preserves more antioxidants and enzymes in the juice.

The majority of masticating juicers utilize a single gear system that squeezes the juice from any fruits or vegetables being used. However, manufacturers are now producing a two gear system masticating juicer that increases the juicing process. It also preserves the nutrients better than the single gear option, but is far more costly. This device is known as a triturating juice extractor.

While this device seems ideal, there are disadvantages to the item. The juicer takes more time to create a juice and they generally require more effort to push fruits and vegetables through. They also tend to be heavier than the centrifugal option.

2. The centrifugal juice extractor

centrifugal-juicerThe centrifugal juice extractor is a very well-known and popular type of juicer. It operates using a circular disc blade comprised of numerous sharp holes that grind the fruits and vegetables in order to release the juice, very similar to a cheese grater. The centrifugal juicer is ideal for individuals who are ‘on the move’ as it runs on high RPMs spinning the circular disc at high speeds and making juice very quickly.

There are numerous advantages to using this type of juicer, including the fact that it does not require much effort to push the fruits and vegetables through. Furthermore, they are very easy to use and the most affordable of all electric juice extractors on the market.

Negative aspects include the fact that this juicer is quite noisy when compared to the masticating juice extractor. This is due to their ability to run at very high speeds. Furthermore, the high speed functioning creates friction within the juicer and this heat can disintegrate some of the antioxidants and enzymes within the fruits or vegetables.

Juicing has become a very popular method to losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle; however finding the best juicer can be difficult. Using the information stated above you will be sure to locate the most suitable option for your needs.


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