Dyson pure cool review: Is it the best air purifier fan?

Multi functional appliances are getting popular. They help to save both space and money by combining two appliances into one.  The downside is that each of the individual function might not perform as well as a single function appliance and this is something we need to watch out for. Today’s article will review one such dual function appliance. In particular, we will be reviewing Dyson air purifier fan and see if it holds up well as both a fan and an air purifier.


Best air purifier fan for the money?

dyson pure cool review Dyson has always been a leader in launching new appliances. Its bladeless fan was one of its recent success. I have bought it and has been very satisfied with the product although I wished I had waited for the quieter version 🙂

Anyway, its latest Pure Cool air purifier tower fan build on its Air Multiplier technology that is designed to capture ultrafine particles from the air. According to the company, no other fans with air ionizer can accomplish this.

The reason for introducing this product is to fight the air pollution that is very common in Asian markets right now, especially in China. This is why the Dyson Pure Cool air purifier tower fan is making its debut in Asia, rather than the US or the European markets.

Here are some of the great features about this product


  • Wind: The fan aspect of the Pure Cool works very similarly to their bladeless fans. If you have used one before like me, then you will have a good notion in terms of the strength of the wind generated. It is not the strongest fan in the world but it wins in other departments. However, for nights, the 3/10 setting is more than sufficient to keep the room cool.
  • Quiet: Due to the way it moves the air around, it is quieter than conventional fan especially when you are using its latest model. As mentioned, I bought the first version and it was a bit noisy especially at the maximum settings.
  • Stylish: I guess a big pull for this is its stylish design, compared to conventional tower fan. I lost count of the number of visitors who loved the fan design and asked me which brand is it.
  • Easy to clean: Due to its bladeless design, it is easy to clean it with just a  damp cloth and a few swipes here and there. In contrast, to clean a conventional tower fan, you can dismantle the thing and carefully clean all the little holes within the filter. To say the Dyson Pure Cool is easy to clean is an understatement.
  • Remove ultra fine particles: According to tests performed on the Dyson Pure Cool, it can removed up to 99.95% of all ultra fine particles in the air.  This is really impressive results and is comparable to the top rated air purifiers in the market today.


Downsides to the Dyson Pure Cool

Not every product is perfect and that goes the same for the Dyson Pure Cool. One is the high price. Dyson products always command a premium among home appliances and this is on exception. The only consolidation is that you are getting 2 functions instead of one so that will translate to better value.

Second, the wind is not as strong as some conventional fan. If you want something that can put out strong oscillation and wind movement, this is not the fan for you.



The Dyson Pure Cool fan tower is an exciting innovation in the area of air purifiers and fan appliances. It looks stylish, works well and combines two functions successfully into one.  If you are a modern home owners who cares the quality of air while wanting to maintain a minimalist look, this is a great appliance to buy.




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