Juicer vs Blender vs Food processor

There are several devices that modern technology has provided for people to use in the kitchen. These are used by amateurs and professionals alike. Some of the most popular are the food processor, blender, and juicer. Each of these cooking aids have different uses.

What are the Differences Between a Juicer, a Blender, and a Food Processor?

The following descriptions should help you to decide which one you need for any application.


BlenderThese are the most common and oldest of the three systems. A blender is great for making milkshakes and smoothies. You can also use them for blending sauces prior to cooking. There are a number of high powered blenders on the market that work very well at combining multiple ingredients.

Some of these have more than one layer of blades and others may have a tamper. Both of these make the blender more effective without stopping the process as you would need to with a traditional one.

There are also immersion blenders that work on the same principle but, rather than placing the ingredients in them, you insert the stick like apparatus into your bowl or cooking pot. These can be great for pureeing your sauces and individual shakes and smoothies.



Fruit-JuicerThe juicer has become very popular in recent years. Many people enjoy drinking the fresh juice that comes from these. They work by a high powered system that separates the juice in your fruits and vegetables from the fibrous portions. The juice has the concentrated vitamins and minerals that will help to ensure you get your daily needed supply.

Generally, you will want to process the more dense ingredients, such as carrots, prior to the ones containing more juice. This will help to ensure that you get all of the juice from your vegetables and fruits.

There are also many recipes available that use the leftover pulp from your juicer. Using some of these will make your investment more effective.


Food processor:

Food ProcessorThe food processor is not designed nor intended to completely break down the ingredients in your recipe. They are used to chop fruits, vegetables, and herbs into smaller portions.

This will save you a great deal of time over chopping them with a knife. You will discover that you can make large batches of salsa and similar products by using a food processor.

You can also use them to chop tomatoes, onions, and many other things before you add them to a recipe for hot food. For example, if you are making a large batch of spaghetti sauce, the processor is a great way to get the fresh ingredients you need.

As you can see, these devices all have very different applications. You simply can not substitute one for another. For this reason, you will need to have each of these in order to make your kitchen fully versatile. If you are attempting to figure out which to purchase, decide on the uses you perceive as most important and work your way from there.

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