Best wake up light 2015

It is amazing that after all these years, alarm clock has not seen any innovations being done. The only except is what I called the wake up lights: a relatively different way of telling you to wake up. It is fairly popular in European countries but I have not seen […] Read more »

Reverse osmosis filter system pros and cons

There is a lot of people who are undecided about buying a reverse osmosis filter system.  Indeed, there are pros and cons to buying a home RO unit for drinking and it is better to know what are these before committing to an expensive purchase.  If you have already decided […] Read more »

Under sink vs countertop reverse osmosis system

This website has already reviewed the best under sink reverse osmosis systems as well as the best countertop reverse osmosis system. The question remaining is which version should you get for your home? The answer depends on a number of factors, which we will be reviewing through today.   #1: […] Read more »

Bose 520 vs 525

For Bose sound system fans, it can be hard to pick the one model, especially if it is between Bose 520 vs 525. Both are nice systems although they are considered over priced by most of the surround sound enthusiast. Personally, I think they are high quality systems that are […] Read more »

Top rated power rack for the money

Power racks for the home are one of the best piece of equipment to have in your own home gym. It works both your upper and lower body via the various exercises that it can accommodate such as squats, push up, bench press etc.  Of course, the more functions a […] Read more »