Reverse osmosis filter system pros and cons

There is a lot of people who are undecided about buying a reverse osmosis filter system.  Indeed, there are pros and cons to buying a home RO unit for drinking and it is better to know what are these before committing to an expensive purchase.  If you have already decided on buying a RO unit, you can check out these articles on the best reverse osmosis systems for 2015 as well as the best countertop reverse osmosis system.


Pros and cons of reverse osmosis filter system

I have listed down the positives, followed by the negatives


  • Clean water: the reverse osmosis system provides the best water filtering for your home hands down. It is able to remove 99% of the unwanted chemicals in your water such that the total TMD can be below the 10 PPS mark. There is no other water filtration system that can achieve such outstanding filtration.  If you want the cleanest water, ro unit is the best.
  • Different models available: The home RO unit market is maturing. In the past, we only have the bulky under kitchen reverse osmosis system that is complicated to set up. Now, we have countertop ro systems that are ideal for small rooms. We even have portable ro units for camping and other outdoor activities.



  • Water wastage: The main weakness of a reverse osmosis system is the amount of water that is being used. This is unavoidable as a RO unit essentially uses water to clean water so a lot of it is wasted. To minimise this problem, you can buy a zero waste reverse osmosis retrofit kit that can channel the unwanted water into other parts of the house for recycling.
  • Removes healthy minerals: Another main con of a RO unit is that it removes all sorts of TDM, including minerals such as magnesium that is essential for our well being. You can remedy this situation by adding a remineralization filter into your reverse osmosis set up. Such filters can add back the useful minerals after the water has been filtered clean so you can get the best of both worlds.
  • Pricey: A home RO unit is typically quite expensive as it ranges from US250 to USD500. Unless you can DIY, there is no way to avoid this problem. Whether the cost is justifiable depends on how clean you want your water to be and how important that is to you. I personally think the clean water is worth the additional cost.
  • Complicated to set up:  Depends on how good is your plumbing skills, you might need to engage a plumber to assist you in setting up the ro unit. Thing can get more complicated even if you want the water to flow directly into your ice breaker or some appliances. Fortunately, this is a one time set up cost as the financial burden is recurring.


The biggest reason for wanting a reverse osmosis system is to have the best possible water quality in your home. If you think this is more important than anything else, all the cons associated with such a system shouldn’t be issues since most of them can resolved by installing additional parts or seeking outside help.


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