How to secure your home from intruders

How To Secure Your Home from IntrudersStatistics shows that complete amateurs usually do most of the burglary attempts but with simple precautions, they can be deterred.

You cannot entirely block intruders unless you employ some pretty expensive top home security systems.

To protect your home from amateur thugs, then below are some tactics you can employ:

Tips To Secure Your Home From Break-ins

1. Think Like A Burglar

The best way to stop crime is to act like a criminal. Get out of your house, even best your compound and come in like a burglar. Walk around your home and try to get yourself in through the window or doors. By doing this, you will note many weak spots that you are always assuming. Many of burglary cases usually involve the burglar intruding through a window or door you forgot to close. Pay key attention to these areas and have them locked immediately.

If your home is installed with security systems, then there would be no point of leaving the cables and cameras too open. Have them concealed so that the intruder will have a difficult time in trying to disconnect the system.

2. Have All Exterior Doors Fitted With Multi-Locks.

For each exterior door, have at least two locks. If the intruder finds difficulty in getting the house open, most likely they are going to flee or otherwise give you time to find them trying to break in. When mounting the locks, put them in concealed places to give them a harder time. In addition, you can have a digital door peephole installed instead of a traditional peephole for added security.

3. Remove Any Tall Shrubs and Bushes Around Your House.

These can offer a hiding ground to the burglar. You should, therefore, clear them. You can also plant thorny flowers around your house, this will make the thief think twice before leaping into the window.

4. What If You Are Leaving For A Trip?

In case you are leaving your home for a trip stop all deliveries such as mail, newspaper, etc. to your place. You should again have two or more security lights connected to a timer that allows it to go on and off at different times, it will give the intruder a harder time thinking that someone is around. Another thing you can do is to inform the police of the dates you are not going to be around and have your neighbor regularly check your home.

5. Don’t Keep Spare Keys In Obvious Places

There are key hiding spots anyone can guess. Hiding your keys in the key rocks, flower pots, doormats and above the door frame is never advisable. These are the places burglars check first before going to other areas. Many times, they will find the keys and comfortably burgle your house right from the main door. You, therefore, need to choose a site that will be harder to think of. Again, do not leave notes at the door for people telling them the time you won’t be in, this will just increase the probability of your being burgled.

6. Use Quality Locks For Your Exterior Door

There are locks that can be opened using screwdrivers or wires; you should be aware of them and keep away from them. Do not go for cheap locks, more expensive locks have features that make them harder to break. You can use a biometric fingerprint door lock as an alternative to less secure locks.

7. Use Window Locks On All Ground Level Windows

Ground level windows can be an easy get in for an intruder. You should use locks and stops for these. Do not be carried by the fact that they have been made too small for anyone to go through, some burglars can use wires to collect items from your house through such openings.

8. Use More Exterior Lighting In Dark Spots Around Your House

To note these dark spots, you can take a walk around your house at night. You are going to note spots favorable for some fishy acts. Install more lighting in such places. You can even use motion sensor lighting system that will go off immediately motion is registered. They will scare intruders away.

Your home is the place you spend with your loved ones. Keeping it safe is key to the happiness of your family. Consider the tips provided above to avoid being a prey to burglars. Other options you can consider is having a guard around, or getting tough dogs around your home.

9. If you have pets, secure pet doors.

Having a large pet door is a security risk as people can use it to enter your house. Cats are small enough to fit in a small pet door. If you have large pets such German Shepherds or other similarly built breeds, then you need a more secure pet door. You can have an electronic pet door installed. It’s a pet door that can be set up to lock itself once your dogs comes in or goes out.

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