Best keyless deadbolt? Reviews are in for 2016

Our once simple door is going high tech. It is not enough to have the best wireless doorbells. Now, we are going keyless as well. Why is a keyless lock useful? There are plenty of reasons. For example, you might have kids that you don’t trust with keys. Alternatively, you […] Read more »

Receiver vs amplifier: what is the difference?

For audio newbie, receiver and amplifier might as well mean the same thing. However, they are not as there are subtle differences between the two. This guide is meant to clarify their main differences as well as to highlight what you should be getting under certain conditions.   Amplifier vs […] Read more »

Best wake up light 2015

It is amazing that after all these years, alarm clock has not seen any innovations being done. The only except is what I called the wake up lights: a relatively different way of telling you to wake up. It is fairly popular in European countries but I have not seen […] Read more »