Philips hf3470 vs hf3520: which one should you get

I recommended Philips hf3520 as the best wake up light for 2015. However, this model was not the first sunrise light alarm product from the company. Previously it had the hf3470 model so a natural question to ask is which model is the better choice? Sometimes, it is not the latest model that is the best so this is what I aim to find out.



Below are the main difference between hf3520 vs hf3470. Whether the difference is sufficient to justify buying the more expensive hf3520 is up to you to decide:

  • Sound settings: The hf3520 has 5 different sound settings relative to the 2 that hf3470 has. Some folks just want to have more options so the former is what you should get if that is the case for you. Seriously though, the types of sound does affect our wake up condition so more options mean you can choose the best sound suitable for your body type.
  • Sunrise simulator: Interesting enough, the hf3520 does not have the dawn simulator that hf3470 posses. Many people love this mode as they feel it helps them to wake up in a more natural state. If you love this, then get the hf3470.  For the hf3520, the light starts off as red and then orange and then to full white. While this does not stimulate sunrise, the distinct colors can tell you know if it is time to wake up without needing to face the clock.
  • Types of light: The hf3470 has a warmer light setting while the hf3520 has more of a cool or blue light. From what I know, the latter is actually better for waking people up but it also depends on your preference for the kind of lighting. Anyway, the good thing is that the hf3520 has adjustable sound and light so you can tune the light setting until you found something that you liked.
  • Speed of wakeup cycle: The hf3520 has a longer wakeup cycle relative to the hf3470. Again, there is no ideal solution as it depends on your sleeping habits. Personally, I prefer a slower cycle to give me more time to lay in bed LOL.
  • Shelf life: The light bulb in the hf3470 has a shelf life of around 4000 hours vs the 16,000 hours on the hf3520. In this case, the hf3520 is the clear winner. However, from the way the hf3520 is designed, you can’t seem to replace the light bulb which means you need to buy a new wake up light once you used the 16,000 hours. For the hf3470, the light bulb can be replaced.
  • Buttons: One particular design flaw (in my view) of the hf3470 is that the clock is too light while the button are too stiff. What happens is that when you try to push the button, the whole alarm clock will roll backwards until it hits a solid wall. It is nothing major if your alarm clock is already touching the wall but for some, this can be quite irritating.  Thank goodness the hf3520 does not have this issue as it functions more like a touch screen.



After comparing the difference between hf3520 and hf3470, I stand by my decision that the hf3520 is still the best wake up light for 2016. The hf3470 might have the sunrise simulator but it lacks the other improvements that the hf3520 has.

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